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Transforming a single-asset investing app into a multi-asset platform

April-May 2024


Gotrade is a US stock investing app available to everyone in Southeast Asia, and it's one of the leading platforms for US stock investments in Indonesia. We want to expand our business, aiming to become a leading multi-asset trading platform in Indonesia.

The vision

Gotrade may have gotten its start in US stocks investing, but we always had higher ambitions. Our vision is to be the top super trading app for users. So we need to transform Gotrade from a single-asset to a multi-asset (such as cryptocurrency and foreign exchange) trading platform, while maintaining its renowned user-friendly experience to ensure it remains seamless and intuitive for its 40,000 existing active users.

The challenge

Our challenge was to unify all disparate assets into a consistent look and feel with seamless navigation across the Gotrade app. Maintaining familiarity and ease of use is crucial to avoid user churn and expand revenue. We need to organize the complexities of multiple equities, asset classes, and currencies into an intuitive user experience.

After numerous design review sessions and iterations, we finalised the design that you will see below. If you're interested in viewing the iterations, you can check them out here ↗.

The intent

For the new design, we intentionally designed it to encourage users to discover and adopt other asset classes, increase engagement and investment diversification. This intent servers as a cornerstone of our approach of the whole redesign. You can play with the prototype here ↗.

More detailed portfolio management

The new portfolio page is now more detailed and personalised. While the addition of new asset classes introduces more complexity, we have designed the interface to remain easy and intuitive. Users can effortlessly navigate between different asset classes. We have also introduced an "All" tab that offers a comprehensive overview of the entire portfolio, along with individual tabs for detailed information on each asset class.

We tested this new design and achieved 100% success rate in user finding their total asset, return/loss, allocations, and specific asset we asked them to find. See the old design here ↗.

Discover your next trade

The redesigned Discover page enables users to easily find the best stocks, cryptocurrencies, or forex pairs to trade. The new global search box allows users to effortlessly search for any asset type. Each market tab features personalised content, making it easier for users to discover new trading opportunities that suit their interests. Compare with the old design here ↗.

New to Gotrade? We’ve got you covered

We've redesigned the experience to make it easy for newcomers to start their trading journey with Gotrade. We've outlined clear steps for getting started and offer a few initial actions to pique their interest and encourage them to open an account. Compare with the old design here ↗.

Gotrade's new first user experience
Gotrade's new first user experience
Gotrade's new first user experience

New sophisticated tools for traders

In line with our vision to be a super-trading app made specifically for traders, we redesigned our asset detail page to fill the meet users' needs and provide them with a comprehensive set of tools like real-time price movement, advanced charting, and technical indicators. Despite introducing many new elements, we've designed the page to maintain a clean appearance.

Gotrade's new Forex, US Stocks, and Crypto page
Gotrade's new Forex, US Stocks, and Crypto page
Gotrade's new Forex, US Stocks, and Crypto page

Updated design system

We also updated our design system to consistently support the new product vision rollout across multiple assets.


We conducted usability tests on the final design of the newly redesigned app to 10 people (5 existing users and 5 non-users). Our primary focus was on the integration of Crypto and Forex assets while preserving familiarity with the existing design. We aimed to ensure that users could easily manage their portfolio, understand their asset performance across different classes, and effortlessly switch between different types of asset classes. The results were very positive, we achieved 90% overall success rate. Our team, including our CEO, loves the new design, and we are eagerly awaiting its development and imminent launch.